We are home repair specialists

Years of working in the trades have given us valuable experience, knowhow and a distinctly superior edge over the competition. Anything to do with walls and ceilings is within our expertise zone. We have observed that shortcuts, quick fixes and shoddy workmanship are abundant in many of today’s homes. Unsightly cracks, raised seams, exposed angle tapes, broken corner beads, poor caulking, paint splatters and paint runs should not be part of your homes decorations!

We understand all aspects of drywall and interior painting. We put our experience and knowledge to work in each repair, new installation or painting job. We bring our “A “game to each project. We use quality products like Ben-Moore paints, USG drywall and Trim-Tex angle products. We finish our seams and smooth ceilings by hand with trowels for a custom look that you will be proud of. By installing the drywall, taping, sanding, prime and painting the same walls we come to a unique understanding of how to upgrade your walls and ceilings.

Ceilings issues can be a very intimidating for both homeowners and contractors. Our experience and proficient repair process allows us to match ceilings seamlessly! We can repair popcorn, swirl, random-rolled, knock-down, pearl sand, curved, coffered and smooth ceilings along with any custom finished type of ceiling. We also can remove your textured or popcorn ceiling and turn it into a perfectly smooth bright white ceiling. What a beautiful update to your home!

Yes, we have seen it all and we can fix it all – In many cases better than new!

We Will Not Cut Corners.

This policy underlies everything we do from choosing appropriate high quality materials and paints to the finishing touches of completing each job.

We are all experienced, detail oriented professionals.

Who still take pride in our work and in your project.

We are committed to providing dedicated, consistent, and comprehensive personal service.

As a home owner or small business owner, you have specific needs which we adapt to and work with you during the construction process.

We work on One Job From Start to Finish

We only work one job from start to finish so you don't have to worry about us jumping from your job to another job. Your project will be completed by professionals that will perform according to the highest standards in the industry.

We are local to your area

Centrally located in Hudson, NH; we live, shop and work in the same communities you do.

We offer real numbers

No low-ball estimate just to get the job! Our estimates are final. No "extra" or unforseen" variances between the estimate and the actual numbers. You have our word... the numbers we agree on are the numbers - period!

We show up on time, ready to work with professional appearance and knowledge!

Small repairs, painting, newly dry walled additions or a completely renovated basement - all of our jobs are given the same attention to detail, the same superior workmanship, the same ability to stay within budget and a nearly 100% accurate completion date.