Melting snow, ice dams and water leaks can and do cause considerable damage to the inside of your home. Drywall is a porous, lightweight substance and is easily damaged by exposure to water which will cause drywall to stain, swell and eventually disintegrate, requiring replacement.

Painting over water damaged drywall on your ceilings or walls is not the answer! We can repair your water damage quickly and professionally ... the first time. We can re-tape those water damaged angles and seams, replace violated drywall, properly stain kill your discolored ceiling, match your existing ceiling texture, then apply a quality paint to bring your home back to its original condition.

Give us a call; let us show you how the pro’s fix drywall and drywall related problems. One of the many things we have learned over the years is the following:

Paying attention to detail matters. Shortcuts and "quick fixes" can be troublesome for years to come. At Charlie’s Drywall & Painting we pride ourselves in getting the job done right, pleasing our customers and producing a product of which we both can be proud.